Star Wars: The Tales of the Jedi 1

Tales of Jedi-1: Young Jedi apprentice Ulic-Qel-Droma and his associates are assigned a task by their master Arca to deal in a terrorist situation in planet Onderon. When Ulic and his friends arrive on Onderon, they find that the situation is not what is be known to the rest of the galaxy and much dark power is at work there. They actually encounter the people who worship the old order of Sith and the spirit of a dead Sith Lord, named Freedan Nedd. He is in-fact behind the current predicament of Onderon. Ulic cannot fight the Sith alone and hence his master Arca comes to his rescue. Meanwhile another young Jedi Nomi Sunrider, fighting her own battle, has completed her training under master Thon. She too joins Ulic in his mission to free planet Onderon from all the dark forces and they both feel mutual attraction to each other.

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