Star Wars The cloak of deception by James Luceno

The prequel novel for Star wars by James Luceno tells the story prior to Star Wars Episode-I, where it is shown how the friction between the trade federation and Coruscant started. A militant group Nebula Front attacks and loots one of the ships of Trade Federation because of which, Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray asks the senate of Corsucant, being presided by Supreme chancellor Valorum, to aid them with droid army. In return, Valorum is advised by his senator and trusted friend Palpatine to force the Trade Federation to get them enlisted among the trade agencies which will be subjected to Coruscant’s taxation policy. To decide on the matter, a summit is called for senators and Trade Federation in a planet called Eriadu. The Jedi council learns that the Nebula Front plans to execute the chancellor in the summit. Qui-Gon Jihn and Obi-Wan Kenobi travel to Eriadu and encounter the Nebula Front’s captain Cohl, who reveals that he himself has been double crossed by the man who hired him and who is known by the name Havoc and who has some larger plans that could affect the entire Galaxy……..


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