Captain Vyom

Indian Sci-fi super hero Captain Vyom, played by Milind Soman, a sky warrior, and captain in space security force in year 2123.

Vyom, an officer in the space peace keeping force, is a brave, sharp, intelligent and a very handsome man. He has a mysterious parentage. Though he is from Earth, his DNA has traces of some alien life. Captain Vyom is assigned a dangerous mission of recapturing twelve deadly criminals who have escaped the secured IO prison. Each of those criminal is also a great scientist. Captain Vyom assembles a team of six comrades and sets out for his mission. He and his team experience great adventures in the mission and towards the end, Vyom also comes to know of his own origins. The mission will change his life forever. Yet captain Vyom is determined to keep on going on his mission of saving the universe. The character was played by Milind Soman. Watch the episodes of Captain Vyom on the YouTube channel of WOW TEENZ


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